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The rage stretches for over 1, miles from Uzbekistan to China. It borders the western and northern ends of the Taklamakan Desert on the border of KyrgyzstanKazakhstanand Xinjiang Province of China; the Pamir Mountains to the south, and the Altai Mountains of Mongolia to the east and north. The Tian Shan Range forms part of the Himalayan orogenic belt that was created by the collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.

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Its physical landscapes, political units, and ethnic groups are both wide-ranging and many. South Asia extends south from the main part of the continent to the Indian Ocean. The western boundary is the desert region where Pakistan shares a border with Iran.

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This is an incomplete list of mountains on Earth, arranged by elevation in metres above sea level. For a complete list of mountains over m high, with at least m of prominencesee List of highest mountains. See also a list of mountains ranked by prominence.

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Tian Shan is sacred in Tengrismand its second-highest peak is known as Khan Tengri which may be translated as "Lord of the Spirits". Tian Shan is north and west of the Taklamakan Desert and directly north of the Tarim Basin in the border region of KazakhstanKyrgyzstanand Xinjiang in northwest China. In the south it links up with the Pamir Mountains and to north and east it meets the Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

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It is about miles km wide in places at its eastern and western extremities but narrows to about miles km in width at the centre. To the southwest the Hisor Gissar and Alay ranges of Tajikistan extend into part of the Tien Shan, making the Alay, Surkhandarya, and Hisor valleys boundaries of the system, along with the Pamirs to the south. Within these limits the total area of the Tien Shan is aboutsquare miles 1, square km.

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This action started about seventy million years ago and gave rise to the highest mountain ranges in the world. Most of the South Asian landmass is formed from the land in the original Indian Plate. Pressure from tectonic action against the plates causes the Himalayas to rise in elevation by as much as one to five millimeters per year.

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Asia is the largest continent on earth, covering over Population wise, there are more than 4. Located in the North Eastern Hemisphere, the continent is divided into 48 countries.

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Neither is topographic prominence, or isolation, or vertical rise, or geologic age, or symmetry, or wildness. That said, stats serve a useful and sometimes entertaining purpose. Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20, feet above sea level.

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The Caucasus Mountains [a] are a mountain system at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Stretching between the Black Sea and the Caspian Seait surrounds the eponymous Caucasus region and is home to Mount Elbrusthe highest peak in Europe. The Meskheti Range is a part of the Lesser Caucasus system.

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Mountain ranges occur on every continent. Here are some of the Earth's highest, longest, and most famous ranges. In this Top Ten List, we are going to start with the ranges with the highest peaks including four sub-ranges of the Himalayan systemmove on to some of the longest ranges, and end with a few mellow old ranges on quiet continental margins. Where the plates collide, under or next to a continent, the crust thickens into mountains.


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