Asian sports players

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Want more basketball in your inbox? In the fall, the older nephew will join the Chinese Canadian Youth Athletic Association here to play basketball. One day both will learn more about the Raptors championship team, and they will find out about Jeremy Lin, and they will ask me questions about him.

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The athletes who have done most to bring Asians into the American sports spotlight. For one, their athletic prowess strikes at the heart of hoary stereotypes about Asian physiques. And the non-denominational respect and admiration they inspire disproves Hollywood's excuse that Asian stars can't appeal to a broad cross-section of Americans.

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You know you've arrived when A you lead an apparently moribund NBA franchise on a winning streak and upstage the Super Bowl champion, B you put up numbers that prompt comparisons with legends of the game and C your heritage is notable enough that a lame reference to it gets an ESPN headline writer fired. Unless the rock you've been sleeping under stops the sound of arena cheers from penetrating, you know that Lin is the greatest national sporting sensation since Tim Tebow. But in at least one way, Lin stands out even more: He's Asian-American, with a well-told story now about his Chinese heritage and Taiwanese immigrant parents, though Lin was born and raised in California.

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Growing up in the Washington, D. I'm sure a lot of other players got that, too. Today, Mon is the tournament director of the Asian Basketball Championships of North Americawhich brings together competitive men's, women's and youth basketball teams composed exclusively of players of Asian descent.

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That day, Lin hoisted up a three-pointer with time winding down against the Toronto Raptors. Yes, that game. The shot went in and, as Lin celebrated wildly with his teammates, I was enthralled.

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Tseng has cemented herself as one of the best female golfers in the world. Photo Source: Christopher Johnson Flickr. Widely regarded by most cricket fans both in India and internationally as the greatest batsman of all time, he holds nearly records in the sport and is also considered to be a national treasure.

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Gene Demby. Jeremy Lin cast a long shadow in this conversation, in part because there are so few Asian-American players to cast them. While we were looking at some NCAA stats on student athletes for a story last weekwe came across a couple of numbers that made our eyes bulge: of the 5, men's basketball players in Division I basketball last season, only 15 were Asian-American.

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Rankings are hard enough as it is, but comparing across disciplines is a different ball game altogether — which is why we totally had to give it a go. In selecting these athletes, we considered not only their skill and accolades, but also their cultural significance, level of renown and the popularity of their respective sports. Linsanity caught the world by storm in Cricket is thought to have over 2.

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Asian Americans have contributed to sports in the United States through much of the 20th Century. Some of the most notable contributions include Olympic sports, but also in professional sports from the early years of the National Basketball Association, for example. As the Asian American population grew in the late 20th century, Asian American contributions expanded to more sports.

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Australia, who take part in Asian qualification, were not considered, as the country is not part of the Asian continent, while the likes of Turkey, Armenia and Russia, countries that straddle Europe and Asia, were also excluded from consideration. The team certainly demands an improvement on the Confederations Cup performance, where both Brazil and Italy tore the back line to shreds. With Yasuyuki Konno heading towards retirement, Southampton man Maya Yoshida looks to be the best prospect around which to construct the defence.


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