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Have you ever wondered why Huey, your 4-month-old yellow-naped Amazon parrot, is so darn independent? Is it normal for Cuddles, your baby sun conure, to sleep on her back on the bottom of her cage? But one thing is for sure — baby birds can be real characters!

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Certain species mature at this age, other species mature at another age. I need to finish the question for you. See, as captive bird keepers, we do a terrible job.

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French Version. Parrots, just like us, go through several developmental stages during their parrot life. We must realize, and certainly not expect when adopting a baby parrot, that it will remain as is for the rest of its life without evolving or maturing. All of the various stages in the life of a parrot are exciting experiences and a marvel to live.

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Conures are a diverse, loosely defined group of small to medium-sized parrots. They belong to several genera within a long-tailed group of the New World parrot subfamily Arinae. The term "conure" is used primarily in bird keepingthough it has appeared in some scientific journals.

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All parrots will get hormonal at times. This is a normal natural process. The challenge, however, is greater with some parrots than with other species.

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The various species of parrot share many traits. The following paragraphs give a broad overview of what you can expect to encounter in the various life stages of your pet birds. Some species will have quirks not covered here, but in general the pattern outlined below applies to all types of parrot.

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However, this is not the case with the African Grey parrot. To say that this majestic bird from Central Africa has a long life is an understatement, when you consider the typical life spans of other household pets. These birds are medium-sized and tend to measure between 12 and 14 inches from head to tail. As the name implies, they are always gray in color.


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