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Locate anatomical landmarks on the surface of the face to understand the pathways of vessels and nerves. Remove the skin of the face leaving the eyelids and lips in place. Identify the muscles of facial expression and the parotid gland.

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The facial nerve is perhaps the most important nerve system when it comes to function. The facial nerve is responsible for all movement of the face. A damaged nerve at the origin in the brainstem leads to paralysis of the entire left or right side of the face.

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The hallmark issue of Neurofibromatosis Type 2 NF2 is the bilateral growth of schwannoma bilaterally on cranial nerve 8 CN8the nerve in the brain vestibulocochlear nerve. CN8 has two branches of different function the cochlear auditory nerve branch for hearing and the vestibular nerve branch for balance. These tumors are either called acoustic neuroma AN or vestibular schwannoma VS.

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Facial nerve 7th cranial nerve palsy is often idiopathic formerly called Bell palsy. Idiopathic facial nerve palsy is sudden, unilateral peripheral facial nerve palsy. Symptoms of facial nerve palsy are hemifacial paresis of the upper and lower face.

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The facial nerve is one of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves in the peripheral nervous system. Nerve signals from the cranial nerve play important roles in sensing taste as well as controlling the muscles of the face, salivary glands, and lacrimal glands. The facial nerve is the seventh cranial nerve to exit the brain when counting from anterior to posterior. As the facial nerve passes through the temporal bone, several smaller nerves branch off from the main nerve, including the greater superficial petrosal nerve and the chorda tympani.

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In this tutorialyou will learn about the anatomy of the facial nerve. This nerve supplies the muscles of the face that are concerned with facial expressions. Smiling, frowning, blinking the eye and whistling are just some of the movements that the facial nerve allows us to do.

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The facial nerve is one of the key cranial nerves with a complex and broad range of functions. Although at first glance it is the motor nerve of facial expression which begins as a trunk and emerges from the parotid gland as five branches see facial nerve branches mnemonicit has taste and parasympathetic fibers that relay in a complex manner. The facial nerve is the only cranial nerve that may show normal post-contrast enhancement, although this applies only to the labyrinthine segment up to the stylomastoid foramen. Enhancement of the other segments of the facial nerve and other cranial nerves is considered pathologic.


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