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Or browse results titled :. Life Fucker Berlin, Germany. Contact Life Fucker.

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Sign in. Killer Karl : That is it! I'm gonna count to ten and you're gonna hand over all the cash, or I'm gonna splatter your grease paint mug across the state line!

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Howdy do mother fuckaz its Weezy Baby, Niggaz bitchin and I gotta tuck the cannon. One hand on my money, on hand on my buddy, That's the AK47 made his neighborhood love me. Bullets like birds you can hear them bitches hummin, Don't let that bird shit, he got a weak stomach.

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Imagine my dismay when, having logged on and effortlessly navigated my way to your homepage yes, effortlessly, I'm that good in search of more early saturday morning laughs and hijinxs and shit, I instead found that you'd been fucked by some motherless fucking fucker. And had responded in much the same way as I myself responded a couple of months ago. Only I don't have a fantastically popular internet site, so I tried to get mine published in 'letters to the editor' in the local paper instead. Despite the fact that I very thoughtfully edited out all my glib expressions such as "cock smoking mother fucker"they didn't print it.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger calls back the Drunk Guy. He can get into anything that you're incapable of! Call 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger : Hello cutie pie.

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He has a hatred for Brad and follows him on his journey to find Buddy as the leader of The Gents. Columbo is an odd looking man, with a black mohawk, red nose and sunglasses. He rides his pet deer, Spaghetti, rather than walking.

Alright Mr. Thanksgiving It's for the money this time Drama Howdy do motherfuckers, it's Weezy Baby Niggas bitchin' and I gotta tote the cannon Listen close I got duct tape and rope I'll leave you missin' like the fuckin' O'Bannons One hand on my money, on hand on my buddy That's the A-K forty seven made his neighborhood love me Bullets like birds you can hear them bitches hummin' Don't let that bird shit, he got a weak stomach Niggas know I'm sick I don't spit I vomit Got it? The whole motherfuckin' game owe me, time to settle up If I move forward a little slower, you'll be catching up Man that's the shit you need to listen for 'Cause where I'm from niggas dumb, they'll give you what you're itching for It's a issue with you, best to handle your business, bro 'Cause ain't no politicking when killas comin' to get you, bro Hey, although, they don't know the whole fire In the dark, shoot sparks like rim with no tire I don't deal with the lames, I'd much rather blow by ya They known to spit a lot of hot air like blow dryers And I'm really off the wire, look at me, I'm on fire Here's some useful information if you don't know sire Snort that cake cakeand I'm not fake fake So you should strongly consider doin' an about-face And if not all you gotta say is you wanna get busy And I'm down, get wit' me, any time, pick a city Fuck nigga cannon.

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I started this a while back, but im only now getting a chance to finish it. Was this a waste of time? Yes… but i thought it was funny…. Collab w princechain!

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View Quote. Mayor O. McCrack unknown : As mayor of the altered state of Druggachusettes, I declare this pizza to be

She made her way to town to grab some food and drinks, so she could wait there until the weird, horned, angry guy woke back up. Maybe he was just drunk or something. Just the perks of being a witch. I track the tag 'stelladipiccola'.


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