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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. But in recent years, the correspondent for the CBS News magazine 60 Minutes has become the headlines, enduring a brutal sexual assault in Cairo during the Arab Spring, a cancer diagnosis and a public apology for a discredited story on the Benghazi attack. The Star recently caught up with the South African-born journalist.

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In the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, intelligence officials are broadcasting confessions of captured insurgents on television. In some cases, the programs are accompanied by graphic footage shot by the insurgents of the actual crimes. New York Times reporter James Glanz discusses the broadcasts.

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Family members of one of the two Israelis accused of rape in Crete attacked an Israeli reporter outside the courtroom Tuesday, knocking her to the floor and breaking her mobile phone. The two Israelis were arrested at the beginning of the week in Greece on suspicion of raping a German tourist. Kan public broadcaster journalist Vered Pelman had filmed the family members as they headed to a remand hearing in the case but they turned on her, apparently pushing her to ground.

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The nomination of Brett McGurk to be the next U. The Washington Free Beacon reported today that McGurk was married to another woman at the time and is married to Chon now. The leaked e-mails, which could not be independently verified and were published on the Flikr site of an anonymous user named Diplojoke, show McGurk pursuing and then canoodling with Chon, a Wall Street Journal reporter who was also in Baghdad at the time. McGurk and Chon did not respond to requests for comment.

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After being granted autonomy by Iraq inthere was great hope for the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan. However, following an interview with Deutsche Welle, journalist Kamal Chomani has announced that there is no independent media within the region. Sinceviolence against journalists has been widespread across the regions of Iraq and Kurdistan.

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But that's not the juiciest news of the week surrounding Logan, who made headlines last week after appearing on the "Daily Show" and slamming American coverage of the Iraq war. Joe Burkett is a U. State Department contractor who was in Baghdad alongside Logan, which is reportedly where the affair began.

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Sleep with whomever you want, in other words, with the exception of the people you write about. If recently released email exchanges between the Wall Street Journal 's Gina Chon and a former National Security Council official turn out to be as real as they seem, then it looks like Chon fucked a big ol' elephant. Inhe was a special assistant to George W.

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Newser — "This is the fate of any prostitution" read a sign plastered on the front of a building in Baghdad late Saturday—a building where up to 29 alleged prostitutes were killed in a raid by gunmen that same day, reports the Washington Post. At least six men were also massacred in the attack, which has the Zayounah neighborhood reeling as it tries to figure out who carried out the slaughter and why. AFP reporters were able to slip past police and into the neighborhood, where they spotted the ominous sign and talked to residents, who claim prostitutes are murdered there every few months and that police do nothing to stop it from happening.

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The US embassy in Iraq said the state department has ordered all non-essential, non-emergency government staff to leave the country right away amid escalating tensions with Iran. The U. It followed a surprise visit to Baghdad by US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, which he said was aimed at demonstrating US support for the Iraqi government.

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Originally published by the Daily News on March 4, This story was written by Stephen McFarland. CBS-TV correspondent Robert Simon said yesterday he and three colleagues were accused as spies, blindfolded, beaten and kept in solitary confinement for 24 of the 40 days they were held captive by Iraq.


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