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Distribution Map: Based on vouchered plant specimens only. View county names by placing the mouse cursor over a particular county. This species has been reported in the following counties by the herbaria listed.

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The flower of Dutchman's pipe vine is shaped like a meerschaum pipe, giving the vine its common name it was a pipe popular in Holland. But do not let the novelty of the flower's form be the deciding factor in selling you on this plant: The dense foliage often hides the flowers. You can, however, put that dense foliage to good use, too.

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Commonly called Dutchman's pipe because the unusual, 2" long, yellowish-green flowers each flaring at the calyx mouth to form 3 brownish-purple lobes superficially resemble Dutch smoking pipes. It will create a thick green screen in a short period of time making it ideal for covering a fence, wall or strong trellis. This native plant grows best in moist, ordinary, well-drained soil, in full to partial sun and grwos rapidly once established and can even be pruned severely.

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Gardening Help Search. Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers rich, moist soils.

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All rights reserved. It only blooms after most other forest flowers and can spend a year or more invisible under the earth. Even thorough searches in likely or known habitats can end in disappointment.

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [Flying Dutchman, ] The "hairy-armed women's liberationists" of the title track are still with us, but at least this compilation avoids the fag-baiting that dishonored his first album, not the only sign of growth. His agitprop has lost a lot of punk arrogance over the decade without surrendering commitment, and as he learns to sing his compassion becomes palpable. Real Eyes [Arista, ] Never would have believed it, but the switch from Brian Jackson's supportive groove to Carl Cornwell's elliptical horn charts adds intellectual and historical weight to the songs that merely say good things as well as those that put them pungently.

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My next-door neighbors are building a chicken coop. Our town allows folks to raise as many as six chickens. To pull her leg, I sent her a message that I would need to be compensated for all of the noise they would make building the coop, and I sent her a music playlist, which besides various artists, included several musicals.

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Are you submitting a complete checklist of the birds you were able to identify? Learn more. If you click "Change Portal", this checklist will be assigned to the portal you select below.

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Keep Calm, still one week left before I move back to Holland. Plenty of time to book in your last haircut and say good buy. Also last haircuts in The Black Dog on Monday evening.

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Commissioned as part of the International Theatre Program's New Voice Initiative, The Hairy Dutchman revolves around the present-day loves, struggles, and idiosyncrasies of 13 characters who spend their time on tennis courts built on a landfill where various historical artifacts surface through cracks in the court's surface. When threatened by destruction by city bureaucrats, the court's players are pushed to the brink in their attempt to preserve their beloved locale. The New Voice Initiative is an innovative play development process, originated by Maister, which commissions and develops a new professional work for the theater with a promising, early-career American playwright. The playwright, in residence at the University for half of the fall semester, works with students and the program's director in developing the new work which receives a world premiere production in the spring.


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