Why do clouds flat bottoms

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In the atmosphere, cumulus clouds, or low-level clouds, begin to form at what meteorologists call the Lifted Condensation Level LCL. The LCL is the level at which lifted or rising water vapor condenses into a cloud droplet, hence the name. Generally speaking, the LCL is uniform as far as the eye can see.

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Dear Tom, Why do large cumulus clouds have flat bottoms? Dear Barbara, Cumulus clouds, those puffy clouds common in the sky during warm days, especially in the summer, are indeed flat-bottomed. They exist at the top of columns of warm air rising into the sky from the ground.

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Floating along without a care, one has to wonder about the clouds flat bottoms. By Luis Villazon. As warm air rises, the water vapour remains invisible until the air cools enough for it to condense into water droplets.

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The world turns, the sun rises and sets, and surface temperatures go up and down. There simply is not enough time to disperse evenly the effects of such huge thermal disturbances. The combination of all the disturbances from temperature changes, ocean tides and so on contributes to the variability that we observe over relatively short distances. The complexity of this problem underscores the pressing need for the National Weather Service to have the most powerful computational equipment and the finest minds in applied mathematics.

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We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. Earth Sciences Why do clouds have flat bottoms? Why do they seem to just stop?

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Good morning!! My students and I were wondering why Cumulus clouds have a flat bottom if the rest of them is so puffy? Eric Davis can you help us out?


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